Risk Management

The Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) problem is actually amplified by a changing environment. Maroev Cyber Technologies provides cutting-edge and distinct Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution which builds worth.

The Need

As the numbers of business that relies on cyber space arise, its accompanied risks move forward with the increase. Businesses need to manage risks and maintain them into an acceptable level. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Memorandum Circular no. 808 “Guidelines on Information Technology Risk Management for all Banks and other BSP Supervised Institutions” issues required measures for Banks and other Institutions handled by BSP for managing Information Technology Risk (e.g. Penetration Testing, IT Audit, Access Control etc.).

The Procedure

The continuous trend on threat administration, worldwide accounting and review and business governance requirements create both problems and good possibilities. The actual Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) problem is actually amplified by changing environments which include breakthroughs within cloud systems, virtualization, information reduction, software-as-a-service, remote control entry and growing range of motion.

Our Way

Maroev is promoting a technique for GRC that results to:

  • Outstanding company overall performance—decreased loss (from damaging events) and elevated motivation (opportunities that continues to be unseen)
  • Elevated effectiveness ensuring success
  • Generating efficient choice—threat administration being a critical part of the decision-making process
  • Less threats—less surprises


GRC Protection Providers

To complement altering regulating-technologies and company requirements, Maroev Cyber Technologies provides cutting-edge and customized Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategies that produce worth that focus on risks and dangers that businesses are exposed to produce worth.


How to deal with Threats:

  • Threat Management
  • Threat Inspections
  • Regulating Compliance
  • Threat and Vulnerabilities Evaluation


Governance and Compliance

  • Established guidelines and techniques
  • Threat Techniques
  • Information Protection Methods
  • Threat Assessment Techniques
  • Information Protection Strategies and Attention Plan
  • Information Protection Guidelines


Business Continuity Management

  • Catastrophe Recuperation (DRP)
  • Business Effect Evaluation (BIA)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Simulations and Instructions Implementation


ISO Compliancce

  • 27001
  • 27799


Practical Threat Management

Internal Evaluation

Scams and Embezzlement Avoidance

Smart Entry Governance


The fast-paced and changing business environment demands that employees can access information, anytime, anywhere when needed. This manages the continuing battle between allowing range of motion vs. sustaining entry regulates. More than 80% of organizational information are actually unstructured, the majority of information exists inside file-servers, NAS products and mailboxes. The process would be to handle and safeguard this huge information throughout the business’ unstructured information locations.


To be able to ensure correct management, businesses should require that the following questions must have specific solutions:

  • Are you aware of the entry requirements and techniques?
  • Is the entry requirements part of the main factor inside your general entry protection?
  • Are you aware of who’s performing what inside your business based on the techniques created?
  • Do you have the actual capabilities in order to constantly keep track of your own users’ measures and conduct?
  • Are you able to show procedure robustness to your auditors?
  • In a changing environment, showing an overall view is a problem that can’t continually be clarified along with technologies.
  • Combining ground breaking Smart Entry Governance technologies with skilled information protection to provide protection, administration and compliance associated with company crucial programs. This strategy provides the business the most sophisticated means to fix identification as well as entry issues.


GRC Construction Providers

Maroev offers courses in business governance, threat management and compliance such as:

  • How to evaluate threat management capabilities and its implementation
  • How to promote enhancement at any given phase
  • How to assess and prioritize threats and how to look for the factors that could lead to the user profile danger combination
  • How to increase alerts and enhance danger administration to include exercises
  • Stabilizing every risks and how to maximize worth in favour of the business
  • Utilizing your own ERM Procedure to gain positive results based on the internal evaluation
  • Continuous evaluation on all dimension, checking danger atmosphere and assessing the overall performance based on the threat management procedures
  • How to obtain experience from the greatest exercise on threat management
  • How to deal with and take advantage of the threats and how to improve the current procedure based on those occurrences.



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