ICT Infrastructure Security

The volume and elegance of hacking and intrusion incidences is increasing as times goes by due to the discovery of new approaches and manners in doing so. Thus, there isn’t any fully secured location, for data can be accessed thru numerous methods like DNS, Title Server Research, Newsgroups, Web site trawling, e-mail qualities and much more.

Threat agents can exist outside or even inside a business or organization when motivated by the following reasons – to steal money, espionage, political gain, logical house thievery and for publicity.


The Need

DTI issued a Department Administrative Order to the private sector prescribing guidelines for the protection of personal data information and communication. It stated that customers’ personal data must be processed accurately, fairly and lawfully and that the protection of users, in particular with regard to privacy, confidentiality, anonymity and content control shall be pursued through policies driven by choice, individual empowerment, and industry-led solutions.

ICT infrastructure is the elementary basis of the whole IT ecosystem; therefore one of its most sensitive elements. It is imperative to plan carefully its defense countermeasures and protection controls, especially in this current cyber threats era. There is an actual trend to attribute to the application level as the most “high and critical cyber risks”, this trend is based on an eventual rise in cyber-attacks by application manipulation, nevertheless it is imperative to bear in mind that a well secured application installed upon a vulnerable infrastructure is prone to be totally unsafe.

Moreover, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) Accreditation sets as a standard the need for the organization to document and follow policies and procedures for addressing patients’ needs for confidentiality and privacy.


What Do We Offer

Maroev offers a particular program which is essential for any organization that owns ICT infrastructure consisted of Networks, Communication components, , Operation Systems nodes, Databases, Directory services, Network services (NTP, ICMP, LDAP etc.) Proxy servers, Remote access Service, RADIUS, TACACS, Acceleration nodes, Load balancing, SOA ESB, Middleware infrastructure etc. Infrastructure security covers not only the Software among the aforementioned components but the Firmware among them as well. .

Maroev Infrastructure Protection Program promotes a secured network infrastructure derived from proven effective practices and frameworks. The program is tailored based on the clients’ business requirements and desired enhancement procedures to their existing systems.


Our Way

Maroev Infrastructure Protection Program promotes a secured network infrastructure derived from proven effective practices and frameworks such as OWASP, OSSTM, SANS, NIST, ISO 27001 etc. Each structured techniques to be applied are tailored based on the arising needs and demands of the business in addition to their existing techniques and systems that are centered on two primary objectives:

  • Secured Design – By successfully developing an outstanding network infrastructure and system techniques utilizing top protection requirements, businesses will have the confidence in dealing with the actual dangers that may happen.
  • Protection Assessment- With this process, the business’ current structures and the implementation of its operations will be evaluated by taking into considerations the current threats and the existing company guidelines.

Maroev provides an array of technical experts that ensures your company of business continuity with a secured infrastructure for:

  • Establishing Secured System Structures
  • Operating System Hardening
  • Wi-Fi Protection
  • Black Box Penetration Testing
  • White Box Protection Assessment
  • Safe Area Administration
  • Susceptibility Evaluation
  • Identification and Entry Administration
  • SIEM Consulting
  • DLP Consulting


System Physical Layer Protection

Maroev offers system physical layer protection options. Our experts and comprehensive knowledge of fiber optic systems allows us to handle unique requirements associated with physical layer protection options as well as soluble fiber optic gear. We ensure that our customers are safeguarded with physical system protection coupled by a secured system topology to be able to boost protection against tapping and harmful malfunctions.

The unique checks include (but not restricted to) the entire number of system elements in the physical layer (Optical Transportation Systems (OTN), WDM/DWDM, Transportation Service Changes (TSS), Box Transportation Systems (PTN), GigE Changes, SDH?SONET, etc.).

Majority of businesses encounter challenges associated with soluble fiber option infrastructure acquisitions running in an ITC environment. However associated physical layer protection within a broader business base, communication providers encounter problems associated with back doorways, tapping, etc. Strategies consist of Grey container, sandbox lab, danger evaluation, firmware signal supply protection evaluation as well as unique delicate evaluation in addition to acceptance deployments.


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