Governance and Risk IT

Governance and Risk Solutions is considered as today’s desired cyber security options. Whilst governance and risk solutions providers possess several possible advantages, there’s also a possibility of substantial privacy and protection factors that needs to be considered prior to accumulating, implementing, discussing, or even keeping information within the process.

The Need

In the present world where almost all organizations, may it be business or government rely both their information and operational systems to cyber, and recognizing the huge risks that goes with it, it is imperative for every organization to give  high priority on carefully building and safeguarding its vital information assets, thus a strong framework is a must.

Citing one, DOH and DOST formulated the Philippines eHealth Strategic Framework and Plan for 2013-2017. eHealth’s objective as stated, “ is to  ensure that the right health information is provided to the right person at the right place and time in a secure, electronic form to optimize the quality and efficiency of health care delivery, research, education and knowledge”. It was also mentioned that “the application of information and communication technologies in health has rapidly increased for the past years and gained significance not only in the Department of Health but in the entire health sector”. This indicates that the health sector is moving towards the utilization of information technology. Thus, this advancement entails a full migration process and risks of exposure to privacy issues.

The Procedure

Governance and Risk Solutions aims to improve business performance, is cheaper than other solutions and is profit beneficial for the company. Whilst this solution possess several advantages, there’s also a possibility of acquiring substantial cost prior to accumulating, implementing and keeping business and personal information during the process. Moreover, businesses tend to carry out cautions before getting into the process.

Our Way

Maroev guarantee your business and clients of a  migration with full confidence. We have created the most amazing strategies in evaluating good businesses preparedness during the actual implementation of the solution. The distinctive strategy is dependent on leading edge investigation conducted through ENISA, NIST, CSA and to top worldwide protection requirements (ISO 27001/2) and greatest exercise methods.


Governance and Risk Solutions Providers

The solution provides a secured infrastructure with regards to safeguarding business preparedness to potential damages using the next 3 protection domain names:

  1. Business Protection
  • Governance — Preparedness in order to control and calculate enterprise danger launched through migration from potential damages
  • Company Continuity and Catastrophe Recuperation — Preparedness associated with current inner guidelines as well as methods to use with-in impair atmosphere.
  • Information Lifecycle Administration — Preparedness to handle information throughout the business lifecycle (create, shop, make use of, reveal store, destroy) inside a damaged environment.
  • Information Portability — Preparedness of the business to interface information and providers
  1. Technologies

Governance and Risk Solution providers, known as “software like a service” (SaaS), “infrastructure like a service” (IaaS), or even “platform like a service” (PaaS), help quick deployment associated with programs and infrastructure with no cost of buying, controlling, and sustaining the actual fundamental equipment and software program. Maroev, offers Cyber protection options and thorough security and assistance in managing businesses’ delicate information & discretion. Maroev handles just about all dangers & problems recognized to damage processing:

  • Encryption – (SaaS) Preparedness associated with encryption resources and encryption crucial administration procedures to safely transfer and gather information in the damaged environment.
  • Bodily Protection – (PaaS) Preparedness to safeguard assets interactions using the damaged environment.
  • National Protection Infrastructure – (IaaS) Preparedness associated with inner protection infrastructure (FWs, IPDs) to use inside impair design.
  • Software Protection — Protection associated with programs to be deployed towards the impair when it comes to style as well as robustness to use inside cloud/internet atmosphere.
  • Identification & Entry Administration — Preparedness to carry out cloud-based Identification as well as Entry Administration (IAM) and drive away feasible risk resources.
  1. Compliance
  • Compliance & Auditing — Preparedness to keep compliance and auditing needs while working inside the impair atmosphere.
  • Lawful — Preparedness to handle and react to the actual lawful and contractual ramifications associated with working inside an impair atmosphere.





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