Cloud Security

Implementing a cloud environment requires IT departments to re-evaluate many aspects of how they interact with their organization. A noticeable trend has been for business units to circumvent IT departments and source services direct from an external hosted provider. Hence, IT departments are increasingly considering themselves as a separate business unit whose job is to provide reliable IT services to the organization. In consequence, IT departments find themselves in competition with public cloud providers and are therefore considering hosting private clouds to complete against these public offerings.

This change in the relationship between IT department and host organization has often been hindered by the inability to account effectively for the cost of the services that the IT department provides. In fact, many organizations struggle to implement proper cost accounting for their IT services.

The Need

Nowadays, businesses are starting to see the demand for cloud computing services, in fact Globe Telecom started to offer infrastructure cloud computing solutions in the Philippines in August 2011. While organizations and consumers start to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing services, this challenges the security of vital information assets being migrated in the cloud. R.A. 8792 entitled “E-Commerce Act of the Philippines” recognizes the vital role of information and communication technology to the country provided that any vital information stored, processed and transmitted using the electronic medium will secure the information’s’ Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Examples of relevant risks for cloud security:

  • Shared Technology Vulnerabilities
  • Data Loss/Data Leakage
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Account Service or Hijacking of Traffic
  • Insecure APIs
  • Nefarious Use of Service
  • Unknown Risk Profile

Our commitment

Assist our customers to protect their Cloud platforms from Cyber threats.

Assist our customers to provide their clients – consumers  a safe and trusted cloud environment.

Provide our our customers transparency and confidence that safeguards and countermeasures are put in place and maintained properly.


Rapid Elasticity

Broad Network Access – Cloud management

Broad Network Access – Application security


We attend onsite the cloud facilities floor!


  • Actual hands-on examinations and tests
  • Independent trusted third party security Auditor
  • Periodical reports addressed to the cloud consumers (directly / in parallel)


  • Diminishing consumers demands to enter the cloud DC floor
  • Enables transparency by acting as a trusted independent third party
  • Close familiarity and intimate observation of the cloud platforms and management processes
  • Detailed scrutiny reviews as cyber-security requires
  • Conservative and responsible security approach by granting clearance to sensitive assets solely to one trusted entity
  • Utilizing innovative and advanced tactics and techniques in order to assess the cloud security threats

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