Application & Code Security

Maroev is moving toward establishing strategic approaches to cyber security based on best practices and tested frameworks. Customization is our expertise in meeting the requirements of your business and  an array of reputable providers with experience in all phases of any program or software development lifecycle.

The Need

Philippines is named as the Call-Center Capital of the world. The growth of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines led the way to the advancement of Information Technology Outsourcing Industry. According to Tholong’s Top 100 Outsourcing Destination, Metro Manila and Cebu ranked are no. 2 and no. 8 respectively. The growing existence of IT outsourcing companies and the rising potential of the Philippines in the Information Technology field indicates a need for a secure software development techniques.

Safety testing alone is not enough to discover defects inside your software. Assessments gathered from documented safety incidences and actual attacks revealed that most vulnerabilities (95% based on survey) resulted from unsecured enhancement techniques within regular of-the-shell deals on top of customized software package.

The leadership challenge for enterprise executives is to leverage software to foster innovation, growth, and profit- ability, while minimizing business risk in an interconnected global economy. Executives across the globe know that software is an engine for innovation—for maintaining a competitive advan- tage, understanding prospective buyers, and managing the customer experience. They have also come to recognize that it is business-critical to mitigate risk and protect important company assets that are created, edited, and accessed by applications, including intellectual property and sensitive customer or employee data.


Our way

With more than twenty five years of proven effectiveness, Maroev is promoting a strategic approach to developing methods and frameworks that pursues industry standards such as OWASP, OSSTM, SANS, NIST, ISO 27001 and others. Our strategy is tailored based on the arising needs and demands of the business, its operational techniques and categories and functional systems used. This allows organizations to determine overall performance and identify enhancements to software program protection lifecycle requirements.


What do we offer you?

Maroev has an array of program protection solutions for your business that meets all phases of the application’s lifecycle, in addition to customized requirements. Regular solutions consists of:SDLC

  • Software Security Strategies and Techniques
  • Software Security Design Evaluation
  • Holistic Software Security Assessment
  • Secure Buildings Assessment & Risk Modelling
  • Software Concentrated Penetration Testing
  • Security Code Review
  • Secure Html Coding Suggestions regarding creative designers
  • Safety Coaching in addition to Interest intervals regarding creative designers
  • Secure Design and Secure Html Coding
  • Room Assessment to gauge Safety Requirements
  • 3rd party Product Security Assessment
  • Developing Customized Organizational SDLP (Secure Software package Development Lifecycle Process)


In-depth approach to enable the identification of vulnerabilities that stem from core design flaws, aggregation of multiple vulnerabilities, lack of controls and flawed business processes.

  • Compressive provision of services at strategic milestones throughout application development and deployment cycle.
  • Strategic SDL Programs
  • Threat modeling
  • Security Architecture & Design
  • Application Source Code Review
  • Security Testing
  • Mitigation Programs


Dedicated Application Security team with development background and firsthand experience working with the latest software development technologies

Moreover, MAROEV offers its unique service expertise to protect:

  • Financial main software program (e. g. e-Banking, Core Banking Systems, Trading Systems, Clearing processing systems, Retail, etc.)
  • PCI connected applications (e. g. Payment Gateways, Payment terminals)
  • Mobile Applications (covering Android os, iOS in addition to J2ME)
  • Main organization applications (e. g. ERP, CRM, EBPP, Billing)
  • Main applicative commercial infrastructure (e. gr. SOA, Middleware, DWH, Databases)
  • 3rd party applications or even components assessment

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