Anti-Money Laundering

What is Money Laundering?

Money Laundering is the practice of generating income through illegal actions. This is mostly linked through funds obtained through tax evasion and criminal activities such as drug dealings, terrorism and such. Money Launderers hide their actions through procedures, which are usually done by manipulating the system, processes and technology, that would make these finances appear to have been earned legitimately.

Why AML?

Anti-Money Laundering is a mechanism that involves utilizing people, systems, processes and technology to counteract the event of Money Laundering. As Money Laundering activity is illegal and damages the financial system and reputation of those involved, it is a necessary safety measure to implement this kind of security mechanism. Also, since most Criminal/Terrorist Financing is done through Money Laundering, an AML solution can also be used to detect these kinds of activities, hitting two birds in one stone. AML solutions provide alerts, notifications and warnings with regards to any kind of suspicious activities that are potentially related to Money Laundering.

Why Maroev?

Since Maroev is an expert in providing services involving the synthesis of people expertise, system utilization, process analysis and technology implementation, we are in a very good position in providing our clients with top notch solutions for AML. Our Solutions help our clients proactively counter-act the event of Money Launderings with state-of-the-art services that actively monitor a plethora of customer activities. We are able to validate, isolate and identify issues pertaining to Money Laundering events, which provides our clients smart and reliable solutions while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


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