We are a cyber defense consulting firm trusted by our customers to protect their operational and information assets by providing holistic, practical solutions and services.


Maroev Cyber Systems Inc is a Cyber Security consulting firm and is a Fibercom Telecommunications Philippines, a telecommunications solutions provider, group member which was incorporated in 1998.

Maroev headquarters is located in Ortigas Business Center, Metro Manila, Philippines. Powered by services and workforces driven from Israel, one of the leading countries in the field of Cyber and Information Security.

Rest assured that your experience will guarantee a world class service in the field of Cyber and Information Security, tailor fitted to your need of information security while securing what matters to you the most.



A society that is safe, secure, and resilient against hacking and other hazards in the

cyberspace area of the Philippines and in Asia in general.


A trusted cyber defense consulting firm assisting customers in protecting the security of their operational

and information assets by providing holistic solutions via practical approach.


To be the best Cyber Security firm in the Philippines, offering top notch expertise based

on a non-stop keen to lead and forecast the swift and dynamic evolution of the cyber

threat landscape in order to provide a state-of-the-art solutions for our customers.